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  • Miccosukee Tribal Leaders

    According to the Miccosukee Constitution, the governing body of the Tribe is the Miccosukee General Council, which is composed of adult members 18 years of age or older. The officers of the General Council consist of the Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Lawmaker. The officers are elected and seated during November and hold office for a term of four years.

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    On May 4, 1971, officers of the Miccosukee Corporation, acting for the Miccosukee Tribe, signed a contract with the BIA authorizing the Corporation to operate all programs and services provided for the Miccosukee Community and formerly administered by the BIA. The Tribe’s intent in negotiating this matter was clear; the people wished to decide their own fate and graduallydevelop total independence.

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    Currently, the Tribe has four distinct Reservation Areas in the State of Florida: Tamiami Trail, Alligator Alley and two at Krome Avenue and U.S. 41.

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    Miccosukee Police Department

    Serve and protect our people.
    Miccosukee Police Department was established in 1976. Each Miccosukee Police officer, upon completing all of the State of Florida Law Enforcement Officer certification requirements, is commissioned as a United States Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Special Deputy Officer. This commission allows the police officer to enforce all of the U.S. Title 18 crimes on the Indian Reservation.

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    The proposed Skyway Project in Miami-Dade County identifies alterations to the Tamiami Trail, which would result in the creation of a 10.7 mile long elevated roadway, from the intersection of Krome Avenue and Tamiami Trail at Water Control Structure S-334 to Water Control Structure S-333.

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    Indian Village Museum

    Founded in 1983, the Miccosukee Indian Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the Tribe’s unique way of life. Among the many fascinating exhibits are photographs of tribal members from past generations and elaborate native attire worn by men and women. This is also where the Tribe proudly displays the government documents that gave them their sovereignty in 1962.

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    Events & Tribal Festivals

    The annual Tribal Festivals are hosted by the The Miccosukee Educational Fund and all proceeds from the Festivals benefit The Miccosukee Educational Fund.

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    When you visit the Miccosukee Indian Village, take the time to see the world-famous alligator demonstrations. You’ll be spellbound as the brave tribesman risks his life in a pit full of alligators, performing rituals that have been handed down by the Miccosukee Indians for generations.

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    Explore the breathtaking beauty of nature at its finest when you tour the historic Everglades on an adventurous airboat ride. Take in the charm, splendor and romance of an untouched, protected environment featuring native plants, alligators, birds and other species of wildlife in their natural habitat. Your airboat ride will also pass through the untamed “River of Grass” and stop at an authentic, Miccosukee hammock-style Indian Camp that’s over 100 years old.

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