Founded in 1983, the Miccosukee Indian Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the Tribe’s unique way of life. Among the many fascinating exhibits are photographs of tribal members from past generations and elaborate native attire worn by men and women. This is also where the Tribe proudly displays the government documents that gave them their sovereignty in 1962.

Museum guests will appreciate the colorful native paintings and handcrafted sculptures as well as the special area, which highlights the relationship between the Miccosukee and the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. Visitors will also admire the works of local artist Stephen Tiger and vibrant Everglades plant and animal displays.

At the Miccosukee Museum, your clients partake in the historic beauty of:
– Tribal artifacts
– Unique Miccosukee clothing
– Native paintings
– Special cooking utensils
– Rarely seen photographs
– Informative film