Miccosukee Environmental Issues


Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida Does Not Endorse The Skyway Project

The proposed Skyway Project in Miami-Dade County identifies alterations
to the Tamiami Trail, which would result in the creation of a 10.7 mile
long elevated roadway, from the intersection of Krome Avenue and Tamiami
Trail at Water Control Structure S-334 to Water Control Structure S-333.

With regard to this issue, the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida
subscribes to the position of the United States Congress, which requires
the completion of the Modified Water Deliveries Project (MWD), prior to
embarking on the construction of any bridges. To this end, the Miccosukee
Tribe of Indians of Florida neither supports the Skyway Project nor any
other alternatives, which propose the construction of bridges on the Tamiami
Trail, prior to the completion of MWD.

The Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida is extremely concerned about
the adverse impact of the proposed Skyway Project. The consequences include,
but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Delay in the restoration of the Everglades. According to a report produced by the Office of Inspector General, for each year of delay, the Tribal Everglades in WCA 3A is losing 8.4 tree islands or approximately 246 acres. This area is the critical habitat of the endangered Snail Kite.

(2) Invasion of the privacy of the Tribal members and interference with their traditional practices and way of life.

(3) Potential to destroy two traditional Indian Camps, through flooding.

(4) Negative economic impact on businesses, which are located along the Tamiami Trail, inclusive of Tribal businesses.

(5) Modifying of the Tamiami Trail, which has been identified as a historic, cultural resource.

To address the issue of water flow through the Tamiami Trail, the Miccosukee
Tribe of Indians of Florida advocates a reasonable and financially prudent
approach, which commences with the clearing, enlarging, and if necessary,
constructing of additional culverts to increase water flow to a practicable
extent through the Tamiami Trail. To achieve this, MDW must be completed.