According to the Miccosukee Constitution, the governing body of the Tribe is the Miccosukee General Council, which is composed of adult members 18 years of age or older. The officers of the General Council consist of the Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Lawmaker. The officers are elected and seated during November and hold office for a term of four years.

The responsibilities of the General Council consist of development and management of resources and the day-to-day business activities of the Tribe including those involving membership, government, law and order, education, welfare, recreation and fiscal disbursement. This group is also known as the Business Council. It is a combination of traditional tribal government and modern management that form the organizational structure of the present day Miccosukee Tribe.

Miccosukee General Council
Chairman Billy Cypress
Assistant Chairman Roy Cypress, Jr.
Secretary Talbert Cypress
Lawmaker Petties Osceola, Jr.
Treasurer Jerry Cypress