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Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida

Miccosukee Tribe of Indians is a federally recognized Indian Tribe residing in the historic Florida Everglades – an area referred to as a “River of Grass” by legendary environmental and social activist Marjory Stoneman Douglas. In their own Miccosukee language, the Tribe uses the word “Kahayatle” to refer to the shimmering waters of this natural treasure. In fact, Ms. Douglas traces the etymology of the word “Everglades” revealing that it originates from the same description of the quality of light glimmering on the grassy waters.

The Miccosukees strongly maintain their unique way of life, ancient customs, and spirituality. It is the goal of the Tribe to articulate its beliefs and values by transmitting the essence of their heritage to their descendants. This mission is also expressed in their form of government, which is inspired by centuries-old practices and traditions. A poetic metaphor for the Miccosukee philosophy can be found in the colors of their flag, an artistic image that represents the Circle of Life.